Important Notice for Classes I-XII

Notice Released on 19 November, 2021

Dear Parents

The safety and health of our students has always been our priority along with the process of imparting learning. In order to keep the school environment safe and healthy for the students and the staff, we are taking all the required precautions. With the same perspective in mind, we hereby request you not to send your ward to school in case you notice even mild symptoms like cough, cold, body ache, headache, diarrhoea, etc., with your ward or with any family member. The negligence of one may put the other students and the entire school at risk. Please make sure that the child is kept at home and given proper medication till the symptoms recede . To prevent the loss of studies for such students, we are providing Live Streaming and online classes so that the students can continue studying in the safety and comfort of their home without any hindrance.

Also, it has been observed that the masks of some students are ill fit—- either lose or tight. They are not covering the mouth and nose properly. Parents need to make sure that the mask that they send with their ward is appropriately covering the desired areas and are comfortable to wear. Parents also need to take into account the fabric of the mask which should be breathable, so that the child wears it hassle free and is able to converse while wearing the mask.

We also request the parents to kindly send the child in proper winter gear like woollen cap, gloves, pullover, etc., as the windows are kept open for proper ventilation in the classes. Precautions taken now, will help us go a long way in keeping the learning environment safe for all. Kindly abide by the safety protocols all the time.

Stay safe!

Team Warren

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