Important Notice Regarding "Trial Examination Schedule" for classes VIII, IX, X & XII

Notice Released on 21 May, 2021

Guidelines for the Trial Examination

Trial Examination will be conducted according to the following schedule:-

Date-22 May'2021(Saturday)

Time: 10:15AM to 11:15AM

Class            Subject

VIII                S.St

IX                   English

X                    Science

XII             Economics/Physics

​Trial Examination will be available on Google Classroom.

The timings of the Trial Exams will be 10:15AM to 11:15 AM.

PDF’s Uploading Time- 11:15 A.M to 11:30 A.M.

​Login with your Google Classroom Email.

​Student should login before time to avoid any delays or inconvenience.

​Use white paper with lines.

​Only blue pen should be used to write answers.

​Students should write Name, Admission number(given on ID card or Marksheet), Class, Section and Subject on the top of the first page of answer sheet and name on all the pages (Blur image will not be accepted).

​Make a single PDF of whole trial exam and submit it within the time given to you for submitting PDF.

​The system will not accept any PDFs after the examination will be over.

Note: Do not send your PDFs to any other platforms. It will not be accepted.

For any queries you may drop a whatsapp message on following numbers



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