Notice for Monsoon diseases

Notice Released on 21 July, 2023

Dear Parent
It comes with a great concern that numerous infectious diseases take a plunge during the Monsoons due to the higher risk of exposure to viruses, germs and diseases in comparison to other seasons. However, we may stay safe from the grasp of the infectious diseases during this season by following a few preventive and hygienic measures.
• Drink clean and boiled water.
• Avoid street food and junk food.
• Avoid stagnant water in or around the house.
• Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
• Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap at frequent intervals
• Wear dry clothes only, as damp clothes cause fungal diseases.
• Use mosquito repellent inside the house at all times and apply mosquito repellent cream or stick on or fabric roll on before stepping outside.
Though precautionary measures are being taken in school, despite that, the students may be exposed to the common seasonal diseases anywhere. Hence, it is advised that you encourage your ward to take care by following the measures mentioned above.

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