Same time schedule to be continued ( Warren Academy School , Kartarpura)

Notice Released on 18 January, 2023

Dear Parent (Only for Warren Academy, Kartarpura Branch)

Please note the school time will remain same for upcoming three days that is 19th Jan (Thursday), 20th Jan (Friday) & 21st Jan (Saturday):

For class VIII to XII
Arrival: 9:30 am
Departure as per routine

For XII class: As the board practicals are going on so children will have to arrive in school as per the allotted timings for their respective batch slots.

Since, there is frequent change of time schedules due to government orders so children are advised to keep checking notices site i.e for any changes in practical schedule.

For classes NUR to VII:
Arrival: 10:30 am
Departure as per routine

For the Students Availing School Transport: Parents are requested to call the drivers for confirming the Pick-Up time.

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