Shortlisted students of Mr. & Miss Warren (First Round) ONLY FOR CLASS XII

Notice Released on 01 February, 2023

Dear students
You are hereby informed that the First Round of Mr/Miss Warren 2022-23 (for the shortlisted students )will be conducted on 2 February 2023 during school hours i.e. between 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Please note the guidelines given below :

*Regular School Uniform (Grey) is compulsory .

  • Attendance is also mandatory on the day.

*In any case this round won't be rescheduled.

  • Students have to be there in school for full time i.e till 2:00 pm.

*Be there on the time for smooth functioning.

List of the Shortlisted Students

For the title of Mr Warren

  1. Akshat Jain XII C
  2. Anirudh Gurjar XII D
  3. Anirudh Vijay XII C
  4. Harsh Jain XII D
  5. Kawanjot Singh XII A
  6. Khetansh N Ram XII D
  7. Rishi Raj Saini XII A
  8. Samarth Sharma XII B
  9. Shreyash Kabra XII A

For the title of Miss Warren

  1. Arya Sarraf XII D
  2. Devanshi Agarwal XII C
  3. Diksha Gupta XII C
  4. Diya Purohit XII B
  5. Manasvi Jain XII C
  6. Meetakshi Jaiswal XII B
  7. Nancy Sain XII A
  8. Nikita Gupta XII B
  9. Niharika Singh Rajawat XII C
  10. Nupur Saini XII C
  11. Rashi Sharma XII C
  12. Saumya Sharma XII B
  13. Seijal Gothwal XII B
  14. Shefali Aswal XII B
  15. Shreya Jain XII B
  16. Suhana Sharma XII C
  17. Suhani Sharma XII A
  18. Tamanna Soni XII C
  19. Yashashvi Saini XII D

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